How to Repair Brick Easily.

How to Repair Brick Easily.

Remedial Works Brick Repair is a professional brick repair mortar than enables the quick and flexible repairing of both brick and mortar.

Brick can become damaged for several reasons.  Commonly this is either due to accidental damage or frost damage due to non frost resistant brickwork being exposed to the freeze/thaw process that will eventually cause the brick face to be blown to varying degrees.

The example here is of a private property in Liverpool that had suffered frost damage to the lower three courses of brickwork surrounding the otherwise rendered property below damp course.

The first stage as shown is to remove any loose brick from the affected brick facings, then Remedial Works Brick Mortar in House Red was mixed with water and applied by hand to the individual facing bricks.

The specialist brick mortar is mixed in only small quantities as it sets very quickly.  This enables it to be easily pushed and moulded by hand into the damaged brickwork spaces without falling out easily and enables the user to smooth or add a brick matching texture as required.

Left to dry naturally, Remedial Works Brick Repair Mortar will dry quickly and ready to sand with a gentle sand paper to a required finish.

In this example in Liverpool, the House Red colour used was a good match but the brickwork was improved still further in finish by colour tinting all the brickwork with Remedial Repair House Red Brick Tint to create a seamless finish.

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