Pentland Black Acrylic Brick Slip


The Pentland Black is an acrylic brick slip that is finished in a deep rich black colour, it has a slightly rough textured face which provides a contemporary brickwork finish.

Once laid acrylic brick slips are undistinguishable from real brickwork, both by look and feel.  Quick to install using Acrylic Slip Mortar it is the perfect solution to creating a low cost yet effective brickwork finish.

Suitable for both external and internal finishes.

Standard box covers 1sqm with a 10mm joint.

Sample Pack contains 6 slips.

Corner Slips contain 24 slips per box, enough to complete 2m in height of brickwork with a 10mm joint.

You will also need to purchase your chosen choice of adhesive mortar.

See our installation guide here and our technical department is available to answer any questions that you may have on FREEPHONE 0800 832 1935 or email them here.