Graffiti Remover


Remedial Works Graffiti Remover can be used to remove any type of graffiti from any type of building facade substrate, ranging from porous building materials such as brick, stone, or concrete to steel and aluminium cladding facades.

Apply to a small test area first and then apply with a roller to areas as required.

Surfaces should be first cleaned used Remedial Works Facade Cleaner in order to provide a consistently cleaned area.  The affected brickwork should then have the graffiti remover applied following the instructions provided.

If any 'ghost marks' are still apparent in the underlying brickwork once the graffiti has been removed, use Remedial Works Brick Tint Dyes to remove any remanent or shadowing. 

If required, call us for guidance on FREEPHONE 0800 832 1935.

View 'Before and After' examples of completed brickwork here.

If you do not fancy applying the sealant yourself, you can take advantage of our 'done for you' service, we operate nationwide.