Oil Remover


Remedial Works Oil Remover is specifically designed to remove grease and oil based stains from tarmac and porous masonry such as brick, block, clay, stone, concrete and paving surfaces.

A biological oil stain remover suitable for removing oil stains from drive ways, road surfaces, forecourts, and paving.

Designed for use with non-synthetic oil spills only.

It is a safe to use biodegradable chemical that contains removes oil stains by way of digesting them using a blend of biological enzymes and bacteria.

Applied simply by brush, the Remedial Works Oil Remover should then be left to soak in naturally and digest the oil stain for a minimum of 120mins, after which it can be rinsed away.  The process can be repeated for particularly stubborn stains. Full instructions included.

If required, call us for guidance on FREEPHONE 0800 832 1935.