Brick Repair - Brown


Brown Brick Repair Mortar enables the easy and flexible repairing of any type of clay or concrete brick.

This Portland Cement based repair solution comes in a wide range of colours, and is designed to enable the seamless repair of bricks and mortar. 

It can be mixed to the right consistency that you need to carry out the type of repair that you need to, it is very flexible enabling all types of repairs to be undertaken.

It goes off quickly, enabling even the hardest of repairs to be easily completed and is then sanded or moulded as you desire to get the correct, matching brick texture, it is very workable.

Brown Brick Repair Mortar will provide a brown coloured brick repair that can be dusted into a lighter shade whilst being applied.  If required a more precise colour match can be obtained by using Remedial Works range of Brick Tints to add additional colours to the repaired and surrounding brickwork once fully dried. 

View the video to learn more, and you can view 'Before and After' images of completed repairs using Remedial Brick Repair here.

Don't fancy doing it yourself?  We also provide a 'done for you' with Remedial Repair and our experienced technicians carry out brick repairs everyday nationwide.