Stoneseal Stone Sealant


Stoneseal Breathable StoneSealer is a high grade Stone sealer that is suitable for use on any type of natural or reconstituted stone, including both walling and architectural masonry stone.

Most importantly it is breathable.

Many masonry sealants seal the stonework completely and that interferes with the natural and technical characteristics of the stone.  A stone facade is supposed to 'breath' and absorb and release rain water as part of its process as the out leaf to your home.  To seal with a sealer than prevents this from happening is bad practice.

Stoneseal seals the stone but still enables it to breath and absorb and release rainwater as it should do.  However, the sealant stops larger molecule liquids from absorbing into the substrate such as oil, dirt, algae, and so on. It also aids the easy cleaning and removal of chewing gum, graffiti, etc.

Applied by brush, two coats can be added for maximum protection and it should be reapplied every five years.

Watch the video to learn more.

If you do not fancy sealing your brickwork yourself, you can take advantage of our 'done for you' service, we operate nationwide.